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Produced from sustainably organic koroneiki olive groves, Organic NYMFES is a certified, complete natural  olive oil, suitable for your favorite homemade dishes.


With no chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in no stage of its production, from growing to harvesting, the final product is a healthy extra virgin olive oil with full taste, natural blury color and all of its nutritional value intact. 


Cold extraction with temperatures lower than 27C is performed under a fully hygienic environment, giving a fruity oil, with absolutely natural aromas and flavor.


For those with demanding palates that seek intense flavor in their olive oil, Strong NYMFES from koroneiki variety will meet their needs with its pleasant pungency and very slightly bitterness taste.


Freshly-cut grass notes, along with herb aromas and pungency taste all come together in a strong olive oil, that livens up and gives extra taste to roasts, especially  to the beef , lamb and salads.


Leaving a strong aftertaste of very low bitter but noticeable pungency, it is suitable for cooking in higher temperatures, on your roasted vegetables, in your soup, your fries or your marinades, while its antioxidant capacity remains in high levels, due to the cold extraction method.

Early Harvest

Considered as the ‘King of Extra Virgin olive oil’, early harvest is world-wide known for its unique green dense color, its rich bitter and pungent taste, as well as its low acidity and superior quality with many health benefits. 


Early Harvest NYMFES is produced from unripe, handpicked olives from koroneiki trees, using cold extraction with temperatures that does not exceed 27°C, retaining the purity of the final product, with no filters that reduce its nutritional value. 


As a result, its antioxidant and polyphenolic content remains higher than other olive oils and its bitter-peppery and fruity notes, give an exquisite taste to your dressings or marinades.

It is available only from November until April


Classic NYMFES is the olive oil that must be in everyone’s pantry. This is our best seller worldwide. 


Without filtration, with pure olive taste and a high level of vitamins and minerals, it has a versatile robust flavor, bringing freshness and harmony to your dishes. 


You can use it in your sauces, salads, marinades, dressings and generally your cold dishes, letting its delicate olive flavors unwind with a medium balanced taste.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is today the most nutritious and healthy oil of all.


Can be used either for cooking or for raw recipes, while it has also many uses in beauty, cosmetics, skin treating and hair.


Extra virgin olive oil when it is used in a balanced nutrition, especially in the Mediterranean Diet, it can not only provide us with the extra taste but also has and many health benefits.


Extra virgin olive oil differs from other vegetable oils and animal fats because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, Vitamins (E and K) and specially polyphenols. 


Polyphenols are important substances which have both antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Many medical researches until today have proven the health benefits of true extra virgin olive oil. Some of them appear on the right.

– Protects our heart –

Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to its antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, 
it can help to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and the triglycerides, 
while it increases good cholesterol (HDL) preventing cardiovascular diseases. 


– Protects against cancer –

The plethora of antioxidants in olive oil and especially this one which is not subject 
of high heat, are found to be very protective against cancer because they fight 
the free radicals. When found in high concentrations, free radicals, can damage 
the cells and play a role in the development of cancer.


– Lowers the possibility of diabetes –

Olive oil can lower blood sugar after meals, when it’s consumed in a balanced diet. 
Keeping a stable low level of blood sugar can keep our heart healthy and to lower 
the risk of type 2 diabetes, a condition that can cause complications in the heart, 
the kidneys and the blood vessels.


– Maintains a healthy weight –

Healthy fats keep us away from feeling hungry, having cravings and 
overeating, while many researches show that despite their calories, 
these types of fat play a big role in weight maintenance.


– Combats aging –
Just one tablespoon of olive oil provides us with about 8% of
vitamin E we need everyday. This antioxidant vitamin is very powerful against
free radicals that cause aging and damage cells and tissues and therefore 
olive oil can help us delay the process of aging.


– Preserves memory –

According to researches on Mediterranean diet and extra virgin olive oil, it can
 protects us against the formation of amyloid-beta plaques that lead to 
Alzheimer disease. In the same time it preserves our memory and learning ability.


– Fights bacteria –

The antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties of olive oil are well-known and
effective against Helicobacter pylori, which can cause serious conditions
like ulcers or stomach cancer.

About us

We are a family owned business, located near Ancient Olympia at South-Western

Peloponnese. The territory is famous worldwide for its excellent olive oil.


With respect to the environment, using traditional methods and taking care 

personally our olive groves, we produce a limited quantity extra virgin olive oil, 

available only in selected points of sale.


Production unit

Neochori Zacharo
Ancient Olympia
Ileia Peloponnese
tel 0030 6946947128


Ergaton Tipou 17
Ilioupoli Athens
tel 0030 6932424556


L Moss Import Export Am
Bahnhof 6 74862 Binau
tel 0049-(0)176 9310 4664

TEO Tomasz Teodoru
Rondo Konstytucji 3maja 1/313
67-200 Glogow
tel 0048 512 573 757

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